Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More About Failing Eolas Patent Workarounds

I happen to be one of those lucky people for whom the Eolas workarounds do not always work. The issue for me is that if I clear IE's cache and then visit an Eolas-remediated site, the workarounds fail. If I restart the browser after clearing the cache, the workarounds are fine. Not all of my PCs exhibit this behavior.

I found the following article which says essentially that the problem may be due to a faulty installation of the Eolas patch:

Awesome article. Too bad I can't uninstall the patch to prove the theory. Windows gives me Access Denied errors, and won't even let me do System Restore to a date prior to the Eolas patch. I feel a rant coming on...

But I'll spare you my feelings on Mac v. Windows. I think I'll instead keep an eye out for a JavaScript tweak to fix the issue, although at the moment I'm feeling very doubtful that such a critter exists.

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